About Me

Our matchmaking program is quite unique and checks your charts based on the planets when you were born and all the aspects they were making to each other. There are essentially ten areas of compatibility with communication being number one. It also compares the love, chemistry and many other factors including conflicts and if there is danger of obsessions etc.

Everyone is born with certain predestined "themes" - the timing and duration of which are both destined. These themes are predictable in terms of individual experiences rather than actual events. Based on this, HJ has formulated techniques where you can use your free choice to offset negative themes. In fact, most of the prayers are designed to offset negative themes!

Noted astrologer Hassan Jaffer combines his logic as an engineer with his acute sensitivity to human nature to explain the complexities of human experiences through astrology.

HJ has appeared in numerous radio and television shows in North America but his favourite has always been the live call-in shows. He has helped thousands of clients around the world in terms of career and relationships. One of Hassan software is Astrocalendar where Synastry compares two people in terms of communication, love and many other factors. Plenty of Love matchmaking service does the same compatibility for ALL USERS simultaneously. Hassan's hobbies include sports, art, painting and playing musical instruments.